The performance and build of our engines has always been the most important aspect of motor sport that we specialise in. With over 30 years experience of different makes of engines (mainly Ford and Vauxhall), Dave's expertise and knowledge has enabled him to create many purpose built engines to suit different competitors needs from high torque for rallying to top end for circuit racing.



We can offer the service of new and complete rebuilds for all makes and models.

Services available include:

We are specialists in Weber, Su and Dellorto carburettors.

Agents For:

We can supply (subject to availability) top quality parts for all makes and models, including manifolds, pistons, valves, oil pumps and filters.

Contact us to check out availability for your particular requirements.

Rolling road - a must for all serious competitors. For rolling road information click here.

We have certain engines being prepared for sale. Please contact us for full details. Please email us with the following information of the engine you require: • Car Make/Engine  • Specification of engine

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