Rolling Road Tuning

For alll 2 wheel drive cars whatever the age from standard to fast road and motorsport.

Dave Baskerville has over 30 years experience of rolling road tuning. It is a crucial part for tuning engines especially if any modifications have been made and you need the engine to reach its full potential i.e. correct balance of air, fuel and ignition.

Rolling Road Test Blue Nova
Rolling Road Tuning Van


What is Rolling Road?

It is an invaluable piece of equipment that is essential for many fault-finding tasks. It has the ability to simulate driving on a normal road or track. Once the condition of the engine has been established the driven wheels are placed into the rollers and the wheels are rotated slowly to centralise the car in the rollers and then the car is strapped/chocked to ensure the car cannot moce. the tuning process can now be started.

What do you get from Rolling Road?

A rolling road tune will normally take between two and three hours. Once your car is on the rollers, the tuning of the engine and condition of all the auxhillary parts, oil and water will be checked before the first power run. The tuning process will include compression tests, ignition system condition, performance, fuel pressure, carb balance and finally recalibration of fuelling and ignition under various load and rpm stages.For calibrating fuel the rolling road is locked in speed limit mode where the operator will dial in a road speed which the rolling road will not exceed regardless of the power output. By staying in the chosen gear this means that every rpm increment and throttle position can be accessed and the ignition calibration checked and adjusted. This process is particularly important when remapping engine management systems.

We can also measure the actual road spead (for those with non standard gear ratios, wheels and tyres) compared to the speed displayed in the car. (Useful information to help prevent fines and lost licences!).

We carry stocks of Weber, Delloprto and some SU parts to assist in correctly calibrating, tuning and rebuilding your carburettors. Alternatively we can supply new carburrettors, manifolds and filters to suit.


Prices can depend on time spent on problems but generally:

Rolling Road Tune - £60.00 plus VAT and parts
Power Runs - £30.00 + VAT
Speedo Checks - £20.00 + VAT

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