Cars that have seen the inside of Dave's workshop this month - June 2008

1960 Ford Anglia 105E
Looks or Personality .In its own way this Anglia has Bundles of both!
Brought into our workshop with a carburettor problem and to have  a LSD fitted, and the original lever arm suspension changed for a Milton Telescopic rear shock absorber conversion kit.

Ford AngliaENGINE 1585cc Lotus Twin cam ,Power max big valve cylinder head, twin Weber 40 DCOE carbs, custom-made exhaust system, triple cored 105speed radiator.

TRANSMISSION 2000e gearbox, Milton quick shift lever, Milton gearbox cross member,1200 prop, 3.54 :1 final drive.

SUSPENSION. Mk 2 Cortina 2.25” coilover front struts, 200lb springs,Milton eccentric multi hole top mounts, Milton adjustable track control arms, Capri 2.8I hubs, Milton rose joint strut brace, poly-bushed through out.

BRAKES 247mm vented and grooved discs, Hi spec M16 callipers, Green stuff pads, Goodridge braided brake lines, Milton reverse pedal box, remote mounted brake adjuster, remote mounted brake fluid reservoirs, 

WHEELS AND TYRES  Lotus Cortina 5.5 J Steel wheels and Pirelli Tyres
EXTERIOR  Original Paint
INTERIOR  Safety Devices six point bolt in roll- cage. Cobra Monaco race seats, rear seat retrimmed to match fronts


Part of a charity weekend held by a local group, Exmoor Minis for Macmillan Cancer Support. A Big thank you to everyone who came along, especially to Sue Proctor for all her hard work in organising the weekend. A good time was had by all. Results were as follows

1st Place Mummy Hen (Sue Proctor) 99.2 Bhp  1990 Mini 1293
2nd place  Andrea          76.1 Bhp  Left hand drive German  1275 Mini Cooper
3rd Place    Darren Lindley  56.3 .Bhp   Mini 1275
4th Place   Old Fossil    32.5 Bhp Mini Mark 1 1000


This year so far Exmoor Minis have raised over £700.00 for charity. If you would like to join their group Sue can be contacted by email
The highlight of the day for Dave, was the restored 1960 Mark1 850cc. in concourse condition, with 30,000 miles on the clock. Remember the long gear stick and the push start button on the floor? Her owner, was well chuffed to find out she had a Bhp of 32 at the flywheel, only 2bhp less than when they were produced from the factory new!


Mini Shoot Out
Mini Shoot Out
Mini Shoot Out




 Stood festering in a garage for over 10 years, this gem was brought in for body and major mechanical work looking very unhappy. Dave had to work his way through as everything was seized and several components had to be replaced and, modified. Thankfully the body and engine only required minor work and a respray.

Jaguar E Type
1963 Jaguar



Completely stripped to bare shell. Major rust repairs to include 4 link-2 piece bulk  head.  Complete respray, and fitting all new suspension and atlas axle.Completely reassembling car

Mk 2 Rally Car


The damp weather certainly hasn’t deterred our customers from bringing out their cars.Along with the everyday sports cars that we see like the Jaguar and Mx5 we have seen some more brilliant classics for Rolling road/engine tuning to include:-
Replica Jaguar XK120C
Beach Buggy
MG Midget
Replica GT40
Jaguar 240C
Volkswagon  Split Screen Van (One of the best we have seen to date)
Replica Lotus 19

1964 Alvis

1964 ALVIS TE 21

 Owned by a local classic car enthusiast. Brought in for an engine tune, as it was low on power and for the manifold gasket to be replaced.
More details about this car and others owned by our customer can be found on his own website


Every Day Driving!

At present we own 3 classic cars .A 1967 Riley Kestrel that we use every day, a 1971 Hillman Hunter for Historic Rallying! And a Morris 1100.I will try to feature regular reports on our cars, which I hope you will find interesting!

IF you own a classic or Rally Car It would be great to hear from you. I would like to feature your reports, about using your car for what they are designed for --- every day driving! Email them to or send them by post to

Dave Baskerville Auto Services Ltd
EX31 2JG


The Life Of Riley

Riley Kestrel - JTA 638E

We are members of the 1100 club and we featured her in an issue last year.  (See link). Since this report, despite doing another 6.000 miles, she still hasn’t had a major service and the Carburettors still need over hauling. She has been just too reliable to take off the road. (Total cost of running expenses for her last year apart from the petrol was £96.00) Talk about cheap motoring!

When we bought her we always intended to restore her, sadly now although the mechanical side of her is good, her bodywork has suffered over the last winter and we have decided that it will now not be viable to restore despite her rareity’. We shall keep using her until the Mot runs out at the end of the year and in the meantime look for something similar.

It will be interesting to see how many more miles she will go on the same points, condenser etc when the service book says they should be changed every 3.000miles!

The decision to find another similar car, is how we came upon the Morris 1100. We had seen Flo as she is known as, being driven around in Barnstaple and was surprised to see her on Ebay. Although we had never seen her up close, we thought she was in better condition than our Riley. Wrong! Disappointed when we bought her, she is now only suitable for spares.or repair.

A couple of weeks after taking purchase of poor Flo, we were passing another local garage and on their forecourt was an Austin! We couldn’t get close enough to find out more, so I cheekily rang the owner who we knew well, to find out more details and if she was for sale.

It turned out to be a British racing green  Austin 1300 with one owner from new and 26,000 miles on the clock and yes she was for sale. Then came the bad bit. She was automatic and it needed new front wings, which the owner had and would include in the price. No harm in looking we decided to pop over and have a look.and were were glad we did. She is the most solid car that we have seen, never been welded, all the floor pans are like new, and every usual place that they are known for problems i.e. the trumpets door sills are solid .The only puzzle is why the wings and the front section by the lights are shot!

Why is it that the most boring cars are usually in the best condition?

We went away to discuss what we were going to do, didn’t take long to make up our minds and we have now made a gentleman’s agreement to buy the car.

Now to get you totally confused with our plans. The Riley Kestrel has a lot of new parts, she also has a 1300 engine even though her log book states she was an 1100.We are now going to take these out of the Riley and put the engine from poor Flo  back into the Riley and then  sell her to someone who has the time to restore her, or alternatively  sell her off for spares. The seats from Flo are better and we will replace these into the Austin 1300 along with my engine and gearbox from the Riley.We are still to make a decision on the colour. We are not sure whether to keep her the same or change.

We will then keep this car for weekend driving and special occasions. In the meantime I am still looking out for another that will be drivable but not in concourse condition to use everyday for myself and the Dogs!

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Life of Riley


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